Vol. 1, No. 2 (2016)

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Introduction: The Continuing Search, by Ira Brad Matetsky

Vol. 1, No. 1 (2016)

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Introduction: The Current State of In-Chambers Practice, by Ira Brad Matetsky

The History of Publication of U.S. Supreme Court Justices’ In-Chambers Opinions, by Ira Brad Matetsky

The Recent Past and Near Future of Reporting In-Chambers, by Ross E. Davies

Rapp’s Reports

(volumes 1 through 4 available here)

Vigdor v. Young, 5 Rapp no. 10 (1958) (Frankfurter, J.)

United States Overseas Airlines, Inc. v. Compania Aerea Viajes Expresos de Venezuela, S.A., 5 Rapp no. 9 (1957) (Frankfurter, J.)

Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen v. United States, 5 Rapp no. 8 (1952) (Reed, J.)

Murphy v. New York, 5 Rapp no. 7 (1938) (Stone, J.)

Solovay v. Bonville Realty Co., 5 Rapp no. 6 (1934) (Stone, J.)

Pennsylvania v. Wheeling & Belmont Bridge Co., 5 Rapp no. 5 (1849) (Grier, J.)

Breslin v. New York, 5 Rapp no. 4 (1954) (Jackson, J.)

Terra v. New York, 5 Rapp no. 3 (1951) (Jackson, J.)

McHugh v. Massachusetts, 5 Rapp no. 2 (1950) (Frankfurter, J.)

Knauer v. Hughes, 5 Rapp no. 1 (1934) (Roberts, J.)