Editors: Robert A. James, J. David Kirkland, Jr., John J. Little, Manley W. Roberts & Benjamin C. Zuraw

Volume 1, Issues 1 & 2 (1982 & 2019)

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Preface: Unattenuated Enthusiasm, by Ross E. Davies

Introduction: Attenuated Memories, by Robert A. James, Benjamin C. Zuraw, Manley W. Roberts & John J. Little

Foreword: Form Over Substance, by The Editorial Board

Instructions in Supreme Court Jury Trials, by Robert A. James

The Supreme Court and the Westward Movement: A Demographic Study, by Benjamin C. Zuraw

Rethinking United States v. Detroit Timber & Lumber Co., by J. David Kirkland, Jr.

The Nobility Clauses: Rediscovering the Cornerstone, by Manley W. Roberts

Suing Satan: A Jurisdictional Enigma, by John J. Little

Are Footnotes in Opinions Given Precedential Effect?, by Robert A. James

On the Spelling of Daniel M’Naghten’s Name, by Bernard L. Diamond

Special Project: A System of Citation for Phonograph Records

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